Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I partied like it was 1999!

The title says it all. This last weekend has officially beat out all my other weekends, well maybe except for when I was back in college, when I was young, naive and reckless. Guess I'm not young nor naive anymore but still a little reckless, HA! j/k y'all..

But anyway here goes the chain of events:

Thursday evening, I got off work as usual and decided to hang out with Joe downtown. The weather was amazing so we walked around and had dinner. Soon after that we met Dave at Noodles along with Zack, John G and James and they managed to convince me to go out that night. It turned out to be a good decision since Soco was totally packed and the music was good. Of course there were other friends there and we all danced after the show. The night ended and as usual everyone headed for IHOP. I had to work the next day so I politely excused myself and went home and crashed at 2am (which was no doubt, still very late).

Next day, I was not too productive at work obviously. Got off work, was planning on taking a nap but Dr Matt called and we ended up going to dinner. Brandon came along and we went to the new Bangkok Gardens; the restaurant was nicely decorated but the food was the same (no improvement), we had to wait for about 1 1/2 hrs for our food and they ran out of rice! So I probably won't be going back there anytime soon. Went to Coldstone after that (Muurrr) and then headed to Justin's party after that. It was really good seeing Matt again after so long but I did feel bad for not hanging with him more but he had to be up at 3:30 am to moonlight at some hospital so he was probably glad I had to leave early.

Justin's party turned out to be a real success. A ton of people showed up (Justin, Chadd, Dave, me, Joe, James, John G, Jerod, Danny, Airforce John, Matt, John Millionaire, Byron, John Filipino, Gary and a bunch others that I don't remember). Halfway through we left for Soco, danced and then came back and partied some more. I got pretty drunk and finally left Justin's at about 3am, the party was still very much alive. I later heard that the last guest left at around 6:30am, craziness :) Joe drove me home that night so no worries about drunk driving.

Saturday, I got up at around 11am and later Dave, Joe and myself hung out at the mall and had lunch at Chipotle. In the evening we (including Steph, Em and Amy from Dave's BLADE) were all invited to John Millionaire's for a cook out. He lived in Highlands which was a pretty upscale neighbourhood to begin with but his house definitely blew away all the others on that street. A private driveway and they had an 8 garage attached to the house with 3 more garages in a separate shed. They also had a separate guest house which was quite impressive but John's a very down-to-earth guy, which was good. I just cannot stand people who likes to talk big. The bbq went well and most of us from the bbq headed to Shattered after that. We danced away to the 80's music. We left for Jerod's after party after Shattered closed at 2am. Jerod/Danny lives in a pretty nice town house south of town. I thought it was funny when we all made champagne toast to everything from John coming out to his parents to Asians to friends forever to short people etc etc lol. We hung out there till about 3am and then took off. The party was so much fun and we all got quite drunk AGAIN!

The next day was Earth day so went downtown with H2/Mas and the same group of people from Thurs/Fri/Sat and hung out yet again! I'm glad that we are expanding our group of friends to include more and more really cool people. I am truly very happy with my social circle starting with the core of Dave and Justin. Anyway we walked around, enjoyed the weather and then had dinner at Addison's. After dinner, Dave, James and myself went to Coldstone yet again (double Muuuurrr) and pigged out on ice cream. I'm glad I dragged my ass to the gym yesterday and did about an hour of cardio workout.

So that was my totally crazy weekend. We took a ton of pictures so I'll be posting them soon. This Saturday will be inventory so I'll have to come in to work, booo :( But it'll be Steph's birthday Sunday so that'll be fun. I need to also relax a little more for I feel like I'm coming down with a cough. With all these partying, I bet my immune system is working double time!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

"Sup bitches!?!" yells Little Arden Kairi (L) & Happy Family(R)

First and foremost I'd like to congratulate my friends Chad and Reema for their healthy baby boy Arden Kairi born on Apr 15, 2006 at 9:03am. Aww...look at that adorable little thing!

Secondly, have you filed your taxes yet?!? Today's the deadline, well for most of us at least. I just got mine done about 2 weeks ago, paid a cut throat accountant $150 to do my returns. I'll definitely have to buckle up and try filing it myself next year. It's ridiculous how much taxes we have to pay in this country! Sales tax, income tax, property tax, capital gains tax...what else... cibai tax got, ah? KNNCCB...

Did everyone have a good Easter weekend? Mine was so-so. Started out feeling great on Friday. Just couldn't wait to party. After work, went to have dinner with Steph's family which was rather fun (in a family setting kinda way) at Shakespeare's. Had to blow Dr Matt off for the 2nd time **I feel so bad** (I definitely have to go out with him this Fri). Then after dinner, met up with the gang at Harpo's where they had free drinks for grad students. By the time I got there around 9pm the party was almost over so we left and went to Soco but it kinda sucked there because the music was bad and not many people showed up. The rest of the weekend I spent entertaining my friend from St Louis which was just blaaah...:(

Here are some random pictures of recent "activities" at Soco Club :D

Airforce John & me (L) & Fabulous Dustin (R)

Chadd, Justin, Me & Steph (L); Matt & me shaking our booty(R)

Look at the two sampat-lou wearing the same shirt ;)


Short talk:
Saw this site which I have linked to "blogs i find interesting". It's about a guy on a quest to eventually trade for a house starting with one red paperclip! He starts out with the paperclip, advertises it on craiglist and got a fish pen for the clip. From there he just goes on to bigger and better things. Now he's up to a year's free rent in an Phoenix apartment. It's pretty humorous and unique. Definitely check it out.

Went to the MU Rec center on thursday (Oh did I mention, I work out there now) with Matt to play racquetball and did some weights then later called Dave to come join in on some kind of celebration they were having with free food and raffles. It was fun and relaxing. We soaked in the hot tub, relaxed in the sauna and floated around on the outside pool, it was amazing, felt like I was at a resort for a night ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's so late, it is...early!

This past weekend was just like one of my usual weekends, too much partying, too much alcohol and staying up way too late. Before you say anything, I realize that this kind of behaviour is detrimental to my health but I have an excuse (and I'm not just making this one up). As you all know I am majorly stressed out and hate going to work but my social life on the other hand has been GREAT and I absolutely love it and it is pretty much the only motivation for me to keep toiling in to work day after day. So back to my excuse, my social life might come to a screeching halt! (I'm praying really hard that it doesn't) The way I see it, those that are very close in my cirlce for eg H2, Dave, Steph, and Dr Matt are leaving Columbia! Dave is graduating from Law School, H2 is getting done with her Phd, Dr Matt is done with residency...so pretty much 80% of my close friends are moving away. I definitely hope that I'll be able to branch out and rebuild my social circle but it's going to be hard. Soooo because of that, I'm taking every opportunity to spend time with my friends and party it up. I know it's bad to overdo it but all I can say is it's not going to last forever and before I know it, I'll be staying home on Saturday nights watching TV all by my lonely self :(

OK now back to my past weekend. I was supposed to hang out with Dr Matt since I blew him off the week before but I guess what goes around comes around because this time he blew me off because Matty was coming into town. I ended up going to Fulton with Justin for some "talent" show. It wasn't any good so we left, took a tour around Fulton (which is where Justin grew up) and came back to Columbia and had Sushi at Osaka. Dinner was very yummy and totally ran into Dr Matt and Matty. We were supposed to meet up with Dave after but he totally flaked out on us (He had a movie date with actor Alex) and we just called it quits around 11pm. I was a little pissed wasting my Friday evening because I was all dressed up and ready to go out.

Anyway the next day, I was supposed to do a biathlon with Steph but since I couldn't transport my bike in my car, I flaked out on her. I ended up hanging out with H2 majority of the day eating at this new tea house, Kayotea, going to Sams and then later to the mall. We rounded up most of our friends and went out to Soco later that evening and it turned out to be alot of fun. H2, Mas, Dave, Justin, Chad, Chad's sister, Joe, and myself showed up (later met Brandon, John Millionaire, Ben and Eric) and we totally danced the night away. After Soco, with me being a little tipsy, we headed to IHOP (which is totally the place to be after bars) and just hung out there till 3am. As usual there is always IHOP drama, but I won't get into that in this post. After IHOP, I was still feeling pretty awake (must have been the "special" tea I had earlier) so I went over to Don's to hang out with Matt and Don. We just sat around and talked and smoked some.....now now don't hate and don't judge...hehehe ;) It was all good...Don and myself got into talking about world civilizations and Chinese history/civilization (trust me, this kinda shit happens) and it turned out to be a great chat. Matt passed out around 4am but Don and I kept yakking away. When I finally left Don's, it was around 6:30am and the sun was rising! I think the last time I was out till the sun rised was when I was 18 or 19 in Inti College and being totally stupid. I just remember having this odd feeling and telling myself that it so mother effing late that it's actually...early!!!

I got up at 2pm the next day. I would usually feel like shit on days like these but amazingly I woke up and felt exceptionally good. I had some lunch and headed out to the gym and met up with Matt. We played some racquetball, did some weights and ran for about 2 miles. After all that, I was still feeling quite energetic like I can run another mile or two but I decided not to push it, so I went home eagerly expecting new episodes of DHW and GA but neither one of those were new! KNNCCB...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Dave's bad-ass birthday cake!

I was not feeling well most of last week (actually called in sick on Wed) but by Friday I started feeling better and totally partied all night and got drunk. I was definitely asking for trouble for I had barely recovered ;) But it's all good and it was Dave's birthday! He turned 25 on Fri, Mar 31st just one day before April fools. We reserved the Pasta Factory and of all 15 people that said were coming, about half showed up. Dinner was good, as usual Justin & I bought him dinner and an ice cream cake from DQ and I got him a leather bounded resume holder thingy. After dinner, we went to Tellers for a few drinks and then off to Soco we went. The night was fun and I had a little too much to drink. Started off with a Chamborg (sp?) at tellers and followed by a smirnoff, jello shots and red bull tattoo at Soco. I wouldn't usually drink so much but this new guy I met Jerord was really cool and kept buying me drinks. It was awesome! I guess I went pass my two smirnoff limit. I apparently passed out on someone's shoulder while dancing. LOL. After Soco, we went to Ben's where Dave got even more trashed by doing Yeagar shots. I finally went to bed at 4am!

Chattin and drinkin at Tellers bar (L-R: Justin, me, Zack, Mark, Daniel, Mike, Dave, Em and John)

Dave, me and Justin drinking somemore at Soco, I'm starting to get really red!

Danced our booty's off (Justin, me and Jerod)
The next day H2's friend Kenneth from KC was taking a trip to StLouis and originally it was just the two of them but after some persuasion I decided to tag along. It was rather fun we went out again on Sat night, first to Novaks then to the Complex. I didn't drink much but we danced and I just remember feeling really sore and tired by the end of the night. I remember thinking that I'm getting too old for this kinda non stop partying ;) The next day we had dim sum and then went to the Galleria to do some shopping. I got home around 6pm and passed out on my couch :P

Short Talk:

Went out to watched "Why We Fight" at the Rag Tag yesterday with Joe and I must say very good independent movie/documentary. It was definitely biased but still educational. Definitely go check it out if you have the chance. It pretty much analyzes just like the title says...why America goes to war. Starts off with Eisenhower's final speech as President warning America about the Military Industrial Complex which is fast becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. One of my favourite lines in the movie is "...the military spent 3/4 of trillian $$, when War is this profitable, we'll definitely see more if it..." indeed very sad but true. Also gives a funny yet true story about how the US totally screwed around in the Middle East starting with Iran and then to Saddam, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It's amazing...

It's amazing to see how much money is wasted and how much corruption exist in this country. One of the things they said that I truly believe is there is definitely NO COINCIDENCE that a military contractor becomes the US VP. It's a good movie, go see it...