Friday, January 12, 2007

Big Apple X'mas 2006

So as most of you know, I spent my Christmas and New Years in New York City for a total of 10 days. I flew in on Midwest Airlines for the first time (very reasonable only $180 roundtrip!) and was quite impressed. Not much waiting at the airports and the seats were a little wider with a 2x2 formation instead of the usual 2x3 AND they served freshly baked cookies..Yum! Anyway Flew from KC to Laguardia on Sat 12/23 and return trip was on 1/1. The weather was absolutely amazing the whole time I was there, around mid to high 40's. I barely needed my heavy jacket.

At our fav asian dessert place enjoying a mango custard. The pics were used to taunt KK who LOOOOVES this stuff ;) Enjoy KK...

Main reason for the trip was to get my passport renewed at the M'sian Consulate. That almost didn't happen when the massive earthquake off the coast of Taiwan disrupted telecomunications/internet to most of Asia, therefore preventing my passport from being "activated". In the end, the very kind officer told me he'll just give it to me and try to do an offline update. I was definitely glad since that would save me a ton of headache. Other than that, Linli and I hung out a bunch, did some shopping and ate our hearts out. As usual, I skipped out on most of the touristy things.

L: The compulsory subway pic and R: Diesel jeans on SALE!! But this is not the pair I bought ;)

Took a little break from shopping and chilled at this GREAT new chocolate place; Max Brenner (Chocolate by the bald man) It was fantastic with 10 different kinds of hot chocolates and dishes with added cocoa. We both shared a Hazelnut praline crepe, totally delish!

I managed to hang out with YeeBien for a day. She took the train down from Conneticut for she also had renewed her passport and need to pick it up. It was good seeing her, and she looks great!

While in NYC, I hung out with alot of Andreas' friends which was very interesting. I got to eat some Greek food (At Xmas party and Yanni's Bday) and even got to go to a Greek night club! I felt a little out of place and the music was definitely unique ;) I met alot of Cypriots and I'm not usually good with names but the few I did remember were Yanni, Andreas, Tim the dentist who cheats at Taboo and his wife Isabella, George aka GG and Philip the dancer! Also met Andro's personal trainer friend, Marcos, from Czech who is absolutely dreamy whom we ended up going to watch Night at the Museum (which is not a very good movie) with and also played Taboo and spent a night of intoxicated karaoke.

L: Drunks at karaoke, Fang and me R: Faye, me and Marco

L: LMAO, Linli and I laughed so hard when Andro just randomly ripped off his tshirt in the middle of a poker game, LOL R: In the Wall Street district, beautiful day and not too many people

On the final weekend which was the New Year's weekend, we managed to squeeze in a Broadway performance. We ended up watching Spelling Bee which was funny and entertaining. Andro, Linli and me also went to a Family bar which was alot like Freddies except a little more sophisticated. The drinks were pretty pricey though. Linli and Andro also threw a NYE party at their house where we drank champagne and played Taboo and Catchphrase.

Pics of NYE party at Andro&Lin's. We were taking japanese style pics...retarded =)

It's almost 2007! Popped champagne and we made a toast...

All in all, my trip to nyc was amazing. I managed to renew my passport, shopped a little (new diesel jeans and tons of underwear from H&M), pigged out on all kinds of cuisine, met up with Alex (friend from Fridae) and hang out with my most awesomest friend Linli ;)
Here's the perfect picture to sum up my trip....the t-shirt says it all...