Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goblet of Fire

Man this is definitely the longest HP book I've read so far. It feels like it's taken forever to finish -- 734 whomping willow pages! Lately I've been making many HP references, I hope my non-HP reader friends will forgive me :) Like the other day, I described some person I knew as having a Hermione hairday. So the big news couple weeks ago was JK Rowling revealing that Dumbledore's gay! Well of course he is, who else but a queen would use "lemon drop" as a password to his office, LOL!

Well I'm finally done with this book! Just like the last few, it was really good, I can't believe I didn't read HP series much earlier. Somewhere along the middle, this book got a little slow but the end was great and I liked how everything tied together and it all made sense. This book is definitely setting up the scene for the great Voldermort to go all out and declare war. I especially liked how in the end of the book, Dumbledore went into aggressive mode and started giving everyone instructions in preparation of what is about to happen. Now it's time for me to go get Goblet of Fire, the movie eventhough I just recently watched it with Chadd. I have also gone to the library and picked me up the next book Order of the Phoenix. Woo hoo...can't wait :)

Boo, Happy Halloween guys! I didn't do much this past weekend, just rested and stayed home mostly. Gym on Saturday morning and later that night watched 30 Days of Night, starring Josh Hartnett. It had been out for about a week, so the theater wasn't too busy. It was a pretty good movie, a little too gory for my taste but it's good compared to a lot of the scary movies lately. After the movie, we (Chadd, Beau and me) went to Houlihan's for dinner and it happened to be happy hour and it was half off drinks and $5 appetizers. We had a feast and the bill only came up to be about $10/person. It was awesome! Will definitely have to do it again. Sunday, I stayed in all day, did some cooking and cleaning. It was nice after the last few hectic weekends I've been having.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homecoming 2007

This past weekend turned out really well...really well indeed. Beau and I skipped gym and went to the mall instead to help Justin buy some new shoes. James and Scott came in on Friday night and together with Carrie, me, Beau, Justin, Colin and Cynthia we had a late dinner at Addison's. Ryan and Nick came in later that night. I haven't seen Justin all week long so he gave me my birthday present (a digital photoframe, awesome!) that he split with Dave. It was good catching up with Scott (last time I saw him was last year's Homecoming!). Speaking of Homecoming, I just found out that MU is where the tradition of Homecoming started, pretty cool fact. Anyway after dinner we walked to the Penguin bar and as soon as we got in, we were doing shots. The yaeger shots were ok but the one that really screwed me up was the Irish Car bomb. We all got so drunk that night as you can see from the slide show. Beau had to drive me home and take my car home with him that night!

The next morning we all got up early for the Parade. We were all amazingly perky, especially after a night of partying and getting drunk. After the parade, we had lunch at Shakespeares and followed by the football game (thanks to Beau for getting Justin, Chadd and me tickets!). The weather by the way on both Saturday and Sunday was a beautiful 70-80 degrees! The football got boring as we were kicking Texas Tech's butt and we decided to leave after half time. Later that night we went out to Deuce and then later Tellers. I got to meet up with Don and Jesse. The next morning we had brunch at Ernies as usual and then later went to watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age with Chadd and Beau. Movie was pretty good, Cate did a great job portraying the Queen. After that, I just pretty much relaxed and got my mind ready for work.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My dirty Thirty!

What a weekend!

We (Beau, Chadd, KK and me) drove in right after work on Friday and directly to Zoe for dinner. The food was pretty good and they had a great atmosphere. Ten of my good friends (Dave, Wes, James, Carrie, Chadd, Beau, KK, Dwane, Patricio and Matt) came to dinner that night. Food was great and so was the dinner conversation. The guys got the usual DQ ice cream cake and that was great! After dinner, we went to Novaks and had a lot of fun.
The next day, we spent most of the day buying and preparing for the party. The party turned out to be a big success, about 50-60 people showed up and Dave's place was completely trashed but we helped clean up the next morning. I'm so glad Egwin and Rachel drove in from KC and my coworker Kelly drove in from Jeff City.
Sunday we just cleaned up, went out for brunch and pretty much drove home after that. Weather was great so Beau and me went out for a little 3 mile run and later that night, I just relaxed and watched DH and B&S.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dwane's visit

Dwane from St Louis decided to come visit Columbia for the first time. He took the train down Saturday, went to get him and then decided to give the Capital building a tour. The building was totally cool, unfortunately that's about the only cool thing about Jefferson City. After walking around enjoying the beautiful fountains and statues, we came back to Columbia for lunch where we had very yummy beef pho. After lunch we walked around downtown, the weather was just amazing the entire weekend. Later that evening Dwane, Beau and me had dinner at Murry's, the food was very good. After dinner, we checked out some of the bars including Arches, On the Rocks and Shattered. The next day, we had Shakespeare's for pizza and then went to the local Art Festival. Pretty much stayed in for most of the evening where I cooked dinner and watched Sunday night TV. Monday, I worked half day and came back and hung out for a little more and then drove him back to the train station. So that's pretty much it for the weekend. It was fun and Dwane got to see Columbia for the first time.