Monday, October 30, 2006

My Birthday Pics

Well as promised here are the pictures from my 29th Birthday. Next assignment's to upload pictures from Halloween where Justin and me were cowboys from Brokeback ;)

Birthday dinner at Murry's. Total suprise from James!

Goofing around before our food arrived.

Ice Cream cake TIME!!! Mmmm YUMMY :P
I didn't want to cut into such a pretty cake. But it eating beats looking ;)

Mandatory group pic after dinner

After dinner, we rocked it out at Soco

End of the night. Finally got to bed at 3am!

If you want to put a story to these pictures, read my post for that night.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Homecoming 2006

Dinner at Sophias. From Left: Dave, John, Carrie, Me, Scott, Jana and James

So this past weekend was totally a riot. James had his annual Homecoming ritual with his friends Scott, Carrie and Jana. Dave on the other hand, didn't really have any plans, so I managed to convince him to come along for the ride. They all got into Columbia on Friday right after I got off work and dropped Dave at my place. We later met up for dinner at Sophias. After din din, the group kinda split. Dave, John G and me went to Justin's and pretty much did nothing (well I consider pigging out on ice cream nothing) while the other group ended up at the Penguin bar having a jolly good time.

Up at the crack of dawn and freezing our behinds off, damn such team players

The next day we woke up bright and early for the Homecoming parade. We got downtown at around 8:30am and downtown was already packed with all kinds of people. I was really feeling the team spirit being all decked out in a Mizzou tshirt and sweatshirt eventhough I didn't go to school here, such mockery! ;) We saw majority of the floats go by and later had lunch at Shakespeares. Mother nature was definitely not kind, the weather was absolutely marvelous on Friday and Sunday but on Saturday (the day of the games) it was cold, cloudy and it rained all freaking day! Thank god I wasn't standing in the stadium getting drenched.

L: Before the game at Shakespeares pizza R: After the game keeping warm at Heidelberg

Justin, Dave and me just hung out at the Heidelberg while the rest stood in the rain watching the game where umbrellas and alcohol were NOT allowed, BOO! I guess it was all worth it since Mizzou won =) After the game they came and joined us the Berg and just hung out for a little more. Everyone was getting tired and cranky as it has been a long, long day; especially since we had to be up so early AND had to endure the cold, the rain and the wet clothes.

L: Before hitting Tonic R: The club was packed and we danced nonstop

So we went home took a nap, woke up all refreshed and was as good as new. We were ready to party all over again. Met up at Carrie's, started drinking, and continued on at Tonic where it was packed. All the businesses downtown were busy with people from the game, totally crazy. We had a good time at Tonic, Scott got us all a Yeagermeister shot and that really messed me up. I got quite buzzed and acted a fool all night long ;)

L: We were all drunk R: Rocking out to Carrie's little speakers, LOL

After the bar we went home to Carrie's and the party definitely continued. We had more to drink and totally rocked out to the tiny speakers. Some of us ended up in some compromising pictures and Jana got a good lap dance from James and me. LOL. People get silly when they drink...

L: Brad, James and Scott at Flat Branch R: One last group pic at Carrie's before James and gang left for the Lou

The next day we met up for lunch at the Flat Branch. The weekend was winding down and you could tell from our faces that we had a blast of a weekend but having to go back to work was going to suck big time. I had definitely not expected a weekend like this. It was fun but I was definitely hurting the next day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My birthday

Here are some pictures, some you've seen, some you've not. I will post my birthday pictures soon. Enjoy :)

So last week turned out great. I didn't have much expectations, all I really wanted was just a quiet dinner with a few close friends. On Thursday night we all met up at Murry's for dinner. The initial plan was for Dave, Justin, myself, Steph, KK, John G and Chadd to meet up but as I was sitting there waiting for everyone to show up, I got the biggest surprise EVER! James walked up to me and as I saw him, my mind didn't register. My first thoughts went like this:

Thought #1: "Who is this?!?"
Thought #2: ""Wait a minute, this can't be James, he's in StLouis! And he's gotta work tomorrow!!"
Thought #3: "Oh wow, James so happened to be in Murry's in Columbia for whatever reason, I wonder why is he in town?! What coincidence!"
Thought #4: I finally realized he was there for my Birthday and jumped up and down in surprise!!! =D

So dinner went great; loved the company, loved the conversations and loved the food. I had a great time. I feel so loved with all the calls, text messages, emails, myspace comments etc etc! (THANKS everyone!) After dinner, the party continued at Soco. I had a great time there as well, people were buying me drinks and shots and I got really drunk and flirtatious. Quite different from my usual self. Danced all night long and finally went to bed at 3am! I had to wake up at 7am for work the next wasn't pleasant!

Friday, I HAD to take a nap after work. We (Dave, James, Carrie, Jerod, KK) all later went to dinner at the Olive Garden. After dinner we went to my birthday party that Dave's been planning all week to be hosted at Don's house (and ex Sorority house mind you, so it was really cool!). It had a really slow start but towards the end tons of people showed up, some I don't even know! Don gave me my present and let's just say I felt weird for the rest of the night ;) hehehehe!

I can honestly say that this is definitely one memorable birthday. I will remember this for a long, long time if not for the rest of my life. Not only is it my last year being in the twenties, I had a big blow out party! It was amazing. I truly appreciate how blessed I am in my current situation. Sure there are a few dips here and there but I'm generally very glad of what I have.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Birthdays galore...

Boy, there are a lot of librans in my life and this includes ME! =D Well I've never really thought about this but if you really think about it, it does make some sense. If you take mid-october and go back nine months, that should bring you to around a time when couples get together and be romantic - that's right, Valentine's Day! So duhhh right? Well it's no wonder so many babies are born around this time of the year. With the new addition of newphew KuanYen who is also a libran, I've so far called Dad (Happy Birthday, Dad!! Enjoy the angpow I gave you), Aunty Irene, Sarthak, Soumaya, Reema and quite a few others whom I cannot remember right now.

I was actually in St Louis this past weekend celebrating Ritz-like-a-cracker's birthday. I rode in with Justin on Friday night after having a hectic dinner with Kenneth and Jeff at Shakespeares. There were also on their way to StL to celebrate their 9th Anniversary! Can you believe that?!? Nineth!! That's amazing. Anyway we went out on Friday hitting some clubs in Soulard and ending up at Novaks. It was fun but I was really tired. The next day we just hung out, ate at my new fav restaurant, Maggiano's, and later that night partied at the Complex which is always fun. Met up with Dwan at Freddy's and convinced him to go to Complex where we danced quite a bit, what can i say, fun fun fun! Drove back Sunday and as usual I had a hard time going to bed that night....I should get some sleeping pills for nights like this.

Anyway this coming weekend's going to be crazy all over again. I'm having dinner with a few close friends on Thursday and then Dave's throwing me a birthday party on Friday and then we're driving to St Louis to party somemore! I's the last year I can say I'm in my twenties! Oh's all good.

My new phone, totally loving it right now. A Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone

Oh I have also switched my phone carrier from T-Mobile to Cingular. I have been waiting forever for this phone (Sony Ericsson W810i) to be released, it finally did last week and I didn't waste any time. Shopped around and eventually got it through TMI wireless for FREE after rebates that is! I've been playing with this phone for about a week now. It's no wonder it was voted best cellphone of the year by one of the tech websites. So far been very happy with it, I totally feel like a kid in a candy store! It has very very good UI (user interface) and been playing with it at work uploading videos (go britney!), music, games, apps (world clock & Opera mini) and ringtones! The 2MP camera takes some really good pictures too with an autofocus lense with flash. I know I love Sony Ericssons as this will be my third. I started off with a T68i which I've given to Ean and then a T610 which got stolen out of my gym locker (damn that fool who stole my shit). I don't get too many minutes (went from 600 to 450 mins) but the mobile2mobile calling is definitely nice. I don't have to worry while chatting with people like Dave, Justin etc etc who is all on the Cingular network. I am now on a mission to get as many friends to switch to Cingular...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Various Matters

Wow I just realized that today is the second day of October. I just cannot believe that this is the tenth month of the year, two more left before this year comes to an end. I know it's cliche but it really seems like time goes by a lot faster when one gets older.

Anyway on a separate note, the weather has been extremely WARM. Not like I'm complaining, I will take warm weather over cold anytime. But today's high is 91 degrees which is plenty strange and record breaking for the first week of October. I just saw on the news that the last record was set in the 1800s! This whole topic comes hand in hand with the movie (An Inconvenient Truth) I watched with Jerod on Saturday at the Ragtag theater. I know it's been out for a while but if you have yet to see it, definitely go check it out or better yet go buy the DVD which is going to be released soon. Al Gore gives a very compelling argument towards the effects of greenhouse gases. Somewhere through the movie, I felt like it was a doomsday movie and it freaked me out a little but that was the point. Definitely go see it!

Well the last two weekends have been a slow one for me. I am preparing myself for the next couple of weekends which, I think will be pretty wild. I had dinner with Justin and Steph (Justin made brisket yummm) Saturday night and we just sat around and chatted which was fun. After that, I went to some party and later hung out with Don till pretty late, just BS'ing. The next day was nice and warm so I went out to the farm with Justin and just hiked around and ate wild grapes and picked pears off the tree, it was really relaxing. The whole time we were walking around, this really cute stray aka Jackson (beagle mix) followed us around. I think Justin's adopting him.

My loaner for the day, pretty sweet little X3
Also not forgetting, I had to send my car into BMW for servicing last week. The driver's side window was making a scratchy noise and apparently the power window rotor was going out, thankfully my car was still under warranty so they replaced both the driver and passenger FOC. They also gave me a very sweet loaner car for the day, a brand new 2006 BMW X3 with only 1000 miles on the odometer! The service was pretty good, sending me a postcard post service and a customer satisfaction phone survey after, quite a step up from Honda's service. Anyway I hope all these petty problems will surface while I still have this warranty. Over the weekend, my xenon lights were acting strange so looks like I'll have to send it in again to be checked out. I wonder what I'll get this time?