Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Check it out...

Hey guys, I will be writing about this past weekend soon. Dave had the wildest party ever and his graduation was so joyous yet melancholy.

But in the mean time you guys should go check it out this game, make sure you have your volume turned up...very cool...leave me a comment and tell me your results :)


Have fun!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Time flies! It really does. I have been secretly hoping that May '06 will not arrive since about Summer of last year but I cannot believe how fast it has passed me by. It has been great though, I have absolutely no complains. It's been a great ride.

I attended Joe's graduation this past weekend at Columbia College and I will be attending quite a few others this coming weekend for Mizzou's graduation i.e. Dave, H2, Matt M, Emily, Matt G and quite a few others. This is a big milestone and it means it's the end of one chapter and the start of another for these people.

A small fear in me is that the new chapter for these people will not include me. I don't mean it as to us not being friends anymore but majority of them will be moving away and friendships always change when people move away. We will talk for a while and as time goes by, we drift further and further apart. I know I will definitely not lose touch with some of the closer ones but still it just won't be the same. I know, I know...never say never...but if experience has taught me anything, most friendships almost always does drift apart. I am just as guilty of it myself.

I have had quite a few chapters myself and have made amazing friends along the way. Some of the really close ones, we still keep in touch but somehow it's not the same. Little things like being able to "read" each others mind or body language or finish each other's sentences or funny little sayings or made up words will no longer be shared or used. But that is just reality. Nonetheless, I am still so amazingly grateful that I had the chance to become apart of their lives. Hopefully, our paths will cross again, one just never knows!

I don't show much of these emotions because deep down I am truly happy for all of them for accomplishing this major milestone. I guess I am just selfish, but then again aren't we all just a little bit selfish sometimes.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, H2!

Yesterday was my one of my closest girl friend, H2's birthday. Happy Birthday, Girl!!!!! She's reach a milestone but she still looks like she's 21 so it's all good ;) Took her out to dinner at this new fancy schmancy restaurant in town called Sycamore. She got this special Gnocci pasta and I got a Veal dish. The food was good but it was definitely a little too rich for my taste. We then walked around downtown chatting and trying to decide where to go for dessert. We settled for Tellers and had their Chocolate Decadence Cake and Lime Cheesecake....very yummy (Muuuur!) :P James and Jerod joined us at Tellers and we had a few drinks prior to Soco.

It's been a while since I've been to Soco on a Thursday night but I had a good reason tonight, it's my friend's bday. I was still feeling a little under the weather but I didn't have a choice...I HAD to go, right? It was fun, it was packed as usual. I didn't plan on drinking but ended up having quite a bit to drink and got a little tipsier than I had anticipated. The night went well but some asshole stole my AE shirt which I left at the coat rack. It wasn't my favourite shirt but it still pissed me off to think that someone would just take something that didn't belong to them. I looked around but didn't see it anywhere or on anyone but I quietly cursed the person who took it, "May his crotch be infested with a thousand fleas!!" Hope that'll the SOB a lesson...:D

It's a Friday and I'm almost done with work. I'm happy. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, May 01, 2006

My first Nephew!

So how was everyone's weekend? I hope it was good. How was mine, you ask? Well I didn't really have one since I had to work 12 freakin hours on Saturday doing physical inventory! Got off work and had dinner with Steph, Em and Dave at Chilli's then later went to Brook's surprise birthday party. After that we went to Shattered for Mark's (of Mark&Daniel) birthday party.

There is definitely no shortage of birthdays around this time. There is Steph, KK, H2, Tze and also my brother, all celebrating within days from one another. Steph's birthday (a big shout out to Steph "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!") was Sunday. We gathered up the group and had lunch at Flat Branch. After that I just got home and rested. I am still not 100% recovered as I have a bad sorethroat but my cough's gotten much better. I need to lay off late nights for a while until I start feeling better.

Today is KK's birthday (another shout out to KK, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"). I also received some good news from my oldest brother, Ewe. I am an UNCLE to my FIRST NEPHEW!! He sent me a text message saying that Masako gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tatsuya, weighing 3.4 kg at 8:32pm May 1st. I have yet to find out all the details. Will definitely have to call and get as much info as possible. It's so hard being an uncle and living on the other side of the world, these are times when I really want to be back home with family. My niece, Naomi's starting to walk and talk and she barely knows who I am :(

My 2nd brother is also expecting a baby sometime this year. Sure seems like babies are popping out left and right this year. If you read an earlier post, my friend Reema + Chad just had little Arden. I also received an email from my old college buddy, Adam, telling me that his wife just delivered a baby boy, Wynn. I just feel so happy for all these people and truly wish they were all much closer so I can join them in celebrating their happiness.