Friday, June 30, 2006

Here little birdie...

So for a few weeks now I've suspected something living in my exhaust vent pipes near the outside of the house. Matt (who is living with me temporarily) said that he hears noises in the ceiling. So yesterday, I got out of work early with no plans, I decided to investigate my little problem. The damn exhaust vent that blows air out of the downstairs bathroom is situation approx 7 ft from the ground at the back of the house and with no ladder, I had to stack 2 chairs to get to the vent (kids please don't try this at home). I know it's dangerous and I'm going to buy a ladder now!

I open up all the casing and to my surprise there were 2 birds staring at me. I guess they are almost grown now but they were probably hatched in there. So I get back into my house, call Animal Control and the beyotch was giving me shit for "disturbing" the nest. Finally he said he'll come remove the birds if I really wanted him to, I said "get yo ass here, NOW!". Apparently, there's no fee as our tax dollars pay for his services. The beyotch gets to my house, walks to the back and says "oh it's too high up and we're not allowed on ladders", proceeds to walk back to his truck and drives away! I was like wow thank so much, dumbass, I can see my tax dollars working double time here!!

I decide to take care of the problem myself. I put on my gardening gloves and shove my hand in the hole. The whole ordeal took about 1 1/2 hrs as I started out tugging on the feathers and that would just scare the bird and they'd go deeper into the hole. Finally I reached in there, nervous as hell, grabbed the bird in my palm and took it out. The first bird escaped as I was taking it out and flew right by my face. I almost fell off my damn double stacked chair. The bird got to the ground, looked at me and proceeded to fly away. Probably it's first flight, for it was still wobbly. The 2nd bird was a bigger challenge for it was deeper in the hole, and quite a feisty little thing too. As I was pulling it out, it starting chirping like MAD. Like it was having a seizure or something. I noticed the neighbourhood birds surrounding me, I was really freaked out. I was afraid he was sending some kinda distress signal asking all his "friends" to come attack me! I swear I saw that in a movie once. Anyway I yanked it out and it too flew away.

I cleaned out the vent as it was filled with hay, twigs, feathers and probably bird poop. It was all very gross. Finally I rigged up a little screen and glued it to the hole so nothing else can go into that damn vent pipe.

And that's it for my bird drama yesterday. I'm quite shaken by the whole experience =)


Small talk:
We went out to Soco last night. I was originally not planning on it but Jerod had great persuasive powers. It was fun as usual.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


June is Pride month. It's always a great feeling; beginning of summer and parties going on in most major and not so major US cities. This year I've only had opportunity to attend the St Louis pride which took place this past weekend. In years past I've attended celebrations in Minneapolis, Kansas City and Columbia which were all great fun. I have to say Minneapolis has everyone beat hands down (I've heard it's the 2nd biggest pride celebrations in the Nation!). Amazing thing was I had no idea that weekend I was flying in was such a festive one. It was pretty much 3 days of pure fun and partying.

Anyway I've been feeling much better and no major meltdowns recently. Last week my boss was starting to get on my case again but yesterday I've come to a realization (enlightenment almost) that it's only a freakin job! I mean, yeah the consequences would be horrible if I were to quit or be terminated but really it's only an effing job! I used to literally shake in my pants when confronted by my boss, I would overload my work just to please him but I've started to realize that I can just take it easy and if he's not happy, he's not happy. He's just not a happy man (I wouldn't either if I was him; his life is in Kentucky, he doesn't know anyone here cos he works 10-12 hour days, drives 6 hrs home every weekend...I mean what else can i say?)There's nothing I can do. I have also realized that the other engineers here don't care too much either. They don't show that much progress in our weekly meeting and they come in late and leave early so really I am like a star employee compared to them ;) ***I guess I shouldn't go so far as calling myself a "star" employee, but I guess I'm no different from everyone else!***

So Pride this past weekend in St Louis was an absolute blast. KK decided to join us in the very last minute (Oh BTW, he works/lives in KC now). He came in Friday night and rode in to St Louis the next morning with Justin and me. We had lunch with James in the Central West End and later met up with Dave and went shopping. Dinner at O'Charlie's was fun (2 words: dinner rolls).

We started the evening at Freddy's which was absolutely packed. Met Actor Alex there and pretty much stood around and talked alot of trash. It was fun. After that over to Complex we went and just like Freddy's it was packed (Pride weekend I reckon ;). Saw a bunch of peeps from Columbia and also met Kenneth+Jeff and the rest of their asian posse (No longer am I the lone asian of the group, HOLLA!) We kinda mashed into one huge group and danced our ass off.

I guess the moon and stars were alligned or something but everyone ended up gettin some! James and Alex started making out on the dance floor. A third guy (who happens to be the same guy who tried to pick me up last Winter at Faces) joined the James/Alex makeout session. Dave was his in his usual slut mode, Justin got groped and KK (the straight one) was feelin everyone up, they all loved it! What about me, you ask? Well in the last 15 mins before closing, I met this gorgeous, ripped, musclehead guy. He was majorly flirting and not before long we started making out. I don't usually do this but this guy was just gorgeous. He wanted to take me home but I politely declined (I was with my friends). I did give him my number though. So that was how the night ended. We went home and slept like babies.

The next day we went to Pride. Dave had class and James had to apt hunt, so they both flaked out. We again merged with the KC asian posse for most of the day. We ended up having a pretty good time, despite the fact that we were hungover, sleep deprived and hungry. I don't know where we get our energy, but we yelled and cheered and got a bunch of beads (mardi gras style) ;D

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm back...

Well as promised, I'm back to the blogging world. Like I said in my previous posting I haven't been feeling the best last week. Thank god things started to change and I turned the corner. For those who still don't know, I am stuck in a job I despise, wanna get out yada, yada, yada.... (for those of you who want to read my *sob* *sob* sad stories, scroll all the way to the bottom)

Anyway enough of my sad stories ;) So what have I been up to since my MIA, you ask? Well not that much. There was a huge party that Dave threw the night before his graduation. It was great and a ton of people showed up. We partied all night (towards the end it was just Dave, Justin, James, John Webcam and LaLa) and finally left the house the next day, it was fun but what's more is the memories that I will hold on for the rest of my life. We laughed, we was great! Then Dave graduated and eventually left for St Louis. There goes one of my closest friends, moving away. One of many to come in the coming summer months.

Another one to leave soon is Dr Matt. I had dinner with him last week at Chevy's, food was good and we both shared our problems and encouraged each other to move on. He's always so much fun to just sit and chat with. He's a great listener and conversationalist. He is finally done with his residency and will be moving to St Louis with Matty. They just bought an extremely espensive home there, I definitely need to go visit ;)

Well just this past weekend, a bunch of us went in to St Louis to go to Six Flags for their annual gay days celebration. It was also James' birthday so we went all out and celebrated on Saturday night. I think this is the most trashed I've ever been (Damn those "hot damn" shots) and as if it's not bad enough, I puked. Big time. With only 4 hrs of sleep (thanks to John's snoring) we ventured to Six Flags. It was fun until we took the Excalibur ride and that made us all sick to our stomachs. It didn't feel right for the rest of the day. I actually called in sick the next day! *mental note, NEVER ride on Excalibur again*
I've been on most of the rides but they had the new Superman ride. It's pretty much a free fall of about 7 or 8 stories, very cool ride but the line for it was darn long and we witnessed a girl having an epilepsy seizure...major DRAMA!!

*****I am used to feeling like this but the cycles used to be several months apart but lately it seems like the frequency is increasing more and more. I don't really know what this means but it's not good. I hope I have enough energy and motivation in me to keep going until I eventually get my GC. I think what I found most worrisome was not knowing what plan B was and those who know me knows I ALWAYS have Plan B :) On the other hand, the thing that really made me feel better this time around was actually writing down my emotions and sorting it all out and also talking to friends about it. In the past, I would just stay home and try to ride out the storm.******

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sorry =(

I have been totally slacking with new postings on my blog. I just haven't been feeling the best lately. It's the usual complains about my work/career/life but to add to my misery, my friends have slowly been leaving Columbia like this city is infested with two headed cochroaches. Ah well, I promise I'll post something real soon....!

I miss all your comments too :(