Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Well guys just wanted to wish you all a very good Christmas and memorable New Years!
See you all next year!

I'll be off to Minneapolis tomorrow Dec 29 and returning Jan 2. I hope we'll have a blast up there eventhough it's going to be cold as f#*k!!

Happy 2006!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

5 Days before Xmas...

and I have yet to buy any useless gifts presents. Good thing I don't have that many people to buy presents for so that definitely helps. The mall is packed with last minute crazed shoppers.

I will be getting quite a bit of time off and was supposed to be jetting off to Vegas but looks like that plan is not going to work out...bummed out...but I think I've finally gotten something together. I'll drive in to St Louis this weekend with H2, stay with Dave, party a bit & go watch Brokeback Mountain then maybe drive to Chicago on Sunday or Monday. Get a cheap motel and just hang out there; go shop and eat some yummy M'sian food. Nothing grand but sure beats staying home for the holidays.

Short talk:

- Went bar hopping on Fri; going from Tellers to VIP Lounge to A&C and later to Dave's place. Bumped into Jimmy (hottie) at Tellers again and had quite a conversation going. VIP was a cool hole in the wall place and A&C was alright.
- Watched Kong on Saturday, not too bad of a movie, just too long! I think it was 3hrs 25 mins. Took about 1 1/2 hours before Kong even appeared. After movie, went to Soco and had a really good time.
- Sunday my roomate Joel left for Arizona. It was sad to see him leave, he was a good roomate.

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Marley & Me by John Grogan

Rosco the Puppy Genius
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Leave a comment or I'm sending in the Muppets!

Alright everyone...if you happen to pass by my little piece of internet real estate, could you do me a favor and post a comment! Especially if you don't know me, I'm no scary person (most of the time at least) just say hi and tell me where you are looking at my blog from. I'm really interested to know who actually comes by.

See part of my curiousity stems from this nifty little counter that I've installed for a couple months now and I get to see how much traffic comes by here. In the last 3 months there's been approx 600 people coming by here. So take a few minutes and post me a comment.

D@mn it, you better do it before I get the muppets to attack you!! =)

Alright I'm really eager to see who actually drops by, peeps I know, peeps I don't know, it's all good. So go ahead click on the the "Post a comment" button and say something!

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!

Friday, December 09, 2005


Is definitely how we feel with today's limited release of Brokeback Mountain. Unfortunately the wide release is much later and who knows if it's even going to make it to Mid Missouri. Ah well I'll just have to drive in to St Louis to watch if all else fails.

Definitely amazing that Hollywood has finally made a big stride with such a movie and especially with such yummy A list stars. This is one of the reasons I love about this country, for the most part you can do whatever the heck you want to. I know I complain about this and that every once in a while but the fact still remains that I would rather live here than move home (for now at least). Aside from that, I've also lived here for the last 8 years so it'll definitely be an adjustment to move away.

Anyway the conclusion is that I like this country very much and hope that I'll be able to live here on a permanently basis. But till then my plans will be up in the air. Now all you boys go out and watch this movie and help support Hollywood revive their business ;)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snowy Thursday

Columbia, Missouri got our first significant snow fall today. I woke up, opened my curtains and saw that all of my backyard and everything else was completely white! As usual for a second I was mesmerized at how calm and pure everything was but that quickly changed when I remembered I had to be at work in 30 minutes.

I think there was a good 2-3 inches on the ground when I left for work. As I drove, I heard on the radio that some schools were shut down and so I wondered if work was actually called off due to inclement weather, I just about choked on my PB sandwich. Dawned on me that work's NEVER called off no matter how bad the weather is. There's a lady that worked there 26 years and she's never had such an occasion. Ahhh the joys of working in Manufacturing. Someone remind me again why I'm in this industry or this company? Oh yeah, guess that'd be for my greencard. That damn card better be worth it!

I better stop talking about that damn card. I've been doing good so far trying not to think about it. Whenever I get even remotely reminded of my Greencard process, I get extremely depressed and helpless. Maybe it's the uncertainty, maybe it's wanting to change jobs, whatever it is it just SUCKS!

Short talk:

  • Went to watch Rent over the weekend. Not a big fan of musicals usually but this one was actually very touching and good. Aside from that didn't really do much over the weekend. It was too damn freakin cold!
  • Received a brand new desktop at work Monday. Thought it was going to be some hand-me-down POS but turned out to be brand spankin new, complete with flat screen monitor.
  • Went to check out Restaurant Grill 1 five last night with Dave and Em where the food was a little above average. The owner was nice. Talked about Dave drama. Joe joined us after dinner for drinks where him and I got into a little spat :( Stayed way too late, left around 10:30pm
  • May go check out Club Generic this weeked with H2. Also talked about possible Vegas trip for Xmas and Minneapolis for New Years.

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Blink by the author of Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell

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