Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th!

I just want to congratulate the Country of my birth, Malaysia, for celebrating 50 years of peace, harmony and growth.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Justin & Chadd's Birthday

On Friday, I felt like only having a one-day-work week since I was in St Louis on Wed evening and Thursday for my fingerprinting business, yay! (See 2 post down) Dave got into CoMO early so he went to get the ice cream cake and triple chocolate cake (Chadd had to be different) while I went to the mall (met Beau) to buy Justin a tie. We all met up at Pasta Factory and to our surprise, we had the same hot waiter during Steph's birthday dinner and again we gave him a plate of cake (whores, I know). Dinner was fun but I definitely ate way too much with two different desserts. After dinner we went to Forge and Vine where I bumped into Ryan & Eric (hotties from Gold's) while James tried to avoid saw his ex. We got bored with F&V and relocated to Heidelberg where Justin left early and I had my little tiff with Dave about him texting inappropriate messages to Elliot from my cell (Draaama!). We left shortly after Schuppan arrived (that's what happen when one arrives at 1am). The next day we had brunch at Shakespeare's and then toured Justin's work place (Memorial Funeral home, CREEPY!) then to Carrie's to hang out/play video games/watch Beauty and the Beast (What? I love that cartoon). After Carrie's, we went home, had leftover pizza and headed out to Yellowfever's party with Chadd. There were some straight-not-so-hot guys stripping and this dumb-but-cute jock named Ozone LOL but other than that, it was lame, so we left early and came home to watch Six Feet Under. Sunday morning we went to Ernie's as usual but we had a new braless waitress and she was terrible (No tip for her!). Dave left after breakfast and Chadd, Carrie and I went to watch Superbad. It was a really funny movie, just like American Pie but told from the dorks' point of view. After that, Chadd came over and we watched Harry Potter. And just like that, the weekend's over.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well thanks to Chadd, I've been obsessed with Harry Potter lately. It started when I went to watch the latest movie (HP and the order of the Phoenix) and got all caught up in this world of wands and wizardry. He passed me the first book, HP and the Sorcerer's Stone which I just finished and today I'm moving on to th the Chamber of Secrets which I got from the library! I can't help it, I'm obsessed. I even have the third book (HP and the prisoner of Azkaban) on hold at the local library! I've always kinda wanted to read the books but have just been putting it off, but I guess the recent chain of events was just a great catalyst. I was also recently at Blockbuster and bought Sorcerer's Stone the movie. Now that I've read the book, it all make alot more sense. I finally understand the characters and storyline better and I also know how Quidditch works! Now I can't wait to watch the first movie again with my new found knowledge. I also like how this book reminds me of my school days especially since the schools I went to was based on the British system where we had to wear uniforms and had prefects on patrol. When this book series first made huge news, I put it off as a children's book and never thought very much about it, but now I understand how this book became as popular as it has. I have also noticed how big a fan base this book reaches. I mean people of all ages, races, backgrounds are totally intrigued by it. I somehow feel like now that I've started reading, I belong to some kind of underground HP cult club. Well I guess you all know what's going to occupy my time for this coming winter.

Monday, August 20, 2007


So I drove in to St Louis last Wednesday night since I got a letter from USCIS that I had to be at the Federal building at 11am on Thursday. I'm glad that this process is moving along, I just want it all to get wrapped up ASAP. Anyway I got to James' at around 7pm and later had dinner at Sydney St. Cafe with Dwane, James, Nick F and Ryan. The food was a little pricy but absolutely delicious. After dinner, Andy came to James' house and we all just sat around and talked till about 1am.

The next day, I got up and drove down to the Federal building which was like 5 minutes away from James' place. Unfortunately there were two conventions going on so parking was a real hassle. The whole process only took like 30 minutes and then I was done. They took every print imaginable; one for the thumb, all four index fingers together, each individual index finger and rolling my finger to fill up a square print. They also snapped a picture of me for my GC which I thought was odd because I had to send in like 6 copies of passport photos (which cost like $50) the last time my I-475 packet was sent in. After I got done, I called Andy which is currently in between jobs as he was moving back to Hannibal and we had lunch at Bar Louie and then went shopping. After shopping, went over to Nick F's and had a wonderful dinner. He's a darn good cook and the pasta noodles were made from scratch. I left StL at around 9pm and made it back to Columbia at around 11pm and finally went to bed at midnight. The next day was Justin and Chadd's birthday dinner which I'll save for the next posting...hopefully with lots of pictures ;)