Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm sorry for not updating for almost a month now. I have just been busy and this whole cold weather thing is just so depressing. The few weekends before Thanksgiving were spent doing nothing too interesting but hanging around with Beau and Chadd in Columbia. The weekend before Thanksgiving, I drove in to StL for James & Nick's Thanksgiving party. I left right after work Friday. Soon upon arriving, a bunch of us went to a condo launch party hosted by Tony's boss' who does real estate development on the side at Compton Heights or Gates, I can't remember. The party was pretty cool, open bar with free food and performances by a string quartet and a belly dancer *Gasp*. After the party, we went to Novak's and had a ball, met Dallas who was fun. The next day, Dave and I pretty much did nothing and yet we were late to the Thanksgiving party. Nick cooked up a storm with the highlight (for me at least) being the pepper ice cream. The rest were standard Thanksgiving stuff (turkey, stuffing...etc). We stayed in that night and the next morning, we all went to DimSum. Everyone enjoyed the experience except for Dave who pouted pretty much the whole day. After that, I visited Michael (Nestle) and Ryan and drove home after that.

The following week was really nice as I only had to work 3 days. Thursday (Turkey Day); Justin, Chadd and I went to Mark (Justin's boss) and Kevin's house for dinner. Sam (Justin's coworker) was there too. After dinner, we played some board games and left. They were really nice people and had a pretty nice house. I guess the funeral business is lucrative :) Later that night, Beau, Chadd and I went to watch Beowolf at the theaters and I must say, I did not enjoy this movie at all except for a short scene when Beowolf strips naked to fight Grendel ;) Friday I went shopping with Chadd and later that night played Sequence (more board games!) with Chadd and Beau. The next day, I drove in to StL where I hung out briefly with Patricio then had dinner with James at 1111; which is a really good restaurant. I had rabbit :D and after dinner went to The Chocolate Bar which is kinda cool. After that, we went to Freddy's to meet up with Dave&Wes, Dwane, Michael etc. We partied at Novaks again and totally shut the place down. Sunday, we (James, Dave & me) hung out most of the day and I had dinner with James & Ryan at Macaroni Grill. After dinner, I did some research before my 2nd interview which went pretty well. Now I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Will keep you all posted if I hear anything. I hope everyone had a good Turkey celebration!