Friday, September 02, 2005

One before the road...

Well here I am sitting at my office at 2:30pm on Friday thinking OMG 2 more hours and I'm out of this place for the next month!! But what a crazy couple of weeks it has been. This will probably be my last post at least until I return to work a month from now. So since I won't be writing one in a while, I might as well make this one extra long ;)
I have been busy preparing for my month long trip. And also trying to touch base with all my close friends and have that one last hang out before I leave. Anyway yesterday, I got a call from Joe (who was going to take me to the airport on Sat and who's also in the National Guard) and he told me that his cell has been "activated" to go down to New Orleans to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I felt bad because he had to be away facing risky situations but very proud for he will be helping people that are truly in need. We (Steph, Dave and myself) had kinda a going away dinner at Olive garden for him then dropped him off at the armory. I hope he'll be OK for I get worried when I start thinking about it.
Anyway here are some random activities that occurred in the past couple of weeks.

H2 and I were acting silly and went and bought 2 really cool stylo mylo cheapo sunglasses (mine was an aviator and hers was a white plastic Britney Spears kind) at this "cheong" kiosk at the mall where the guy gave us a discount. It was fun and here's one of me posing, chun leh? ;) We also checked out a free street party of Dr Zhivegas (80s coverband) which was pretty good but could've been better if all my friends showed up. It was good regardless.

Here's a couple pics taken with Joe and Dave. You must be wondering why am I in a shirt and tie (which I'm rarely in) and the reason is because I had an interview!! It was with a Japanese Honda/Toyota/Nissan parts manufacturer called Otscon for a Process Engineer position on Friday Aug 26 which went really well but if they offered me the position, I'm a little worried it might further complicate my immigration case. Regardless, it was good experience and got the rest of Friday off woohooo (called in sick since i have no more vacation) and met up with Dave and Joe and had lunch at the mall.

After the mall, Dave and I went to the new Mizzou rec center which was totally fantabulous. We ran 2 miles and swam god knows how many laps. We also hung out at this water theme park area where they had a waterfall, current pool, hot tub etc and it was totally fun too for we were both checking out the very sweet "scenery" there. After that rushed home and cooked up a meal fit for a king for Queen Elaine then later that night the Queen arrived from Kansas City with her new guy friend. We had a hasty feast and headed out to Dejavu comedy with Steph and her brother then later rendezvouz'ed at Trops with Matt, Don, Joe, Dave and Em. We didn't get to bed till 5am but I had a really good time. Like I said it was fantabulous =D

And here we have a really good picture of Joe in his NG berret. And no that's not a real gun...