Saturday, July 30, 2005

Beautiful Pinnacles

That's right y'all I'm skeet shooting!! What's going on, I'm slowly turning into a midwesterner, but all I can say is that it's fun, fun, fun! And I'm pretty talented considering this is my first couple of times. Poor ol me, now the left side of my chest is all bruised :(

H2 and me atop the very scenic Pinnacles here in Columbia, MO. I have to say it's one of the prettiest places I've been here.

Joe the corruptor of Midwestern values to these two poor Malaysians ;)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend in Branson, Yeehaaw!!!

Well drove in to Branson Friday night after Dave and Emily got in from St Louis, we started our road trip around 10pm so you can imagine what ungodly hour we got into Branson. Ahh well who cares, it was a Friday night! We spent the entire next day shopping at the outlet malls. I kept telling myself I can't spend too much but ended up buying more than I had a killer deal on this really cool contemporary lamp though. Anyway it was a hot hot day so we took a dip in the pool right after shopping which was fun. Later that night everyone was tired and crappy and we couldn't find the restaurant we were looking for and as it if wasn't bad enough, we walked into Coldstone just as they CLOSED and were serving the last of their samples!!!! I can assure you, that did not sit well with the group of people I was with. There were talks of breaking into the store craaaaazy...:D
As usual left all the picture taking to Dave so we definitely got some really interesting pics but some really good ones too. Here's a one that we really like. This was taken right after dinner, while we walked on Branson's main strip.
Next day was Sunday and was time to go home :( It didn't get any better either, Dave lost his cell phone and the air conditioning at this strange food tossing restaurant, Lamberts, broke down and we spent an hour waiting to get seated!! BUT the trip was really fun and can't wait to take the next road trip ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Testing my new phone out. My old Motorola V300 was a piece of crap and kept dropping my calls so I hassled TMobile into giving me the new Samsung E335 for cheap ;) This Samsung is an OK phone, nothing to brag about...the design of this small clamshell phone is about the only "cool" thing about it. The pictures it take aren't too bad either.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Old Pictures Misc

Since I'll be sending my POS Motorola V300 away to be serviced, I'm uploading all my old pictures to be "backed up". So all these are just some old pictures taken many moons ago.

My friend Matt who'll be a full fledge MD next year (2006)!! I'm so proud of him :) I think the picture taken above is during my 2004 birthday at Addisons ;)
His fav restaurant El Magueys

My friend Joyce who has moved away from Columbia to OKC and pic was taken at House of Chow (chee bai as we call it heheheh ;)

And this is my friend H2 who'll also be getting her Phd soon, either 2005/2006. Gosh I have genius friends, now I feel so inadequate with an engineering degree :(

The next 8 pics were taken in NYC Xmas 2004

Botox face as chinini puts it hehehhe

Mr Lim enjoying his photo moment in the subway.

Wow look there's an eskimo in Time Square photo time!!!!

Bumped into my friend Hwee Ping in times square whom I've not seen in years. What are the chances of that. Geez what a small world we live in.

My friend Teddy

The next 4 pics were taken during our CAMP meeting. Dave, Brandon and Ronnie are among some of the members.

H2 being silly at Rocheport during the Riverfest 2005.

Joe at Jimmy Johns

Dave trying the intellectual look, what do you think?

Joe, Dustin and me in Soco having a good ol time

Joe on vacation in Michigan

Taken at Billiards with Sarah, Don, Matt and me

And crazy better not make him mad or he'll be looking for you!!

Hail Julius the cutest puppy!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

A weekend to remember in St Louis

Well here I am thinking nothing can top the 4th July weekend in Kansas City but boy was I wrong! I was invited to St Louis because my buddy's (Dave) parents were off to Italy for 2 weeks. We drove in Friday and spent the next day at the Science center and we bought tickets to watch the Cirque Imax show (Warning: Highly NOT Recommended) then cooked a wonderful dinner. After dinner we all prettied up and went to Freddy's which was fun and then to Complex. Whe were in fabulous Complex for a whole 15 mins!!! We got kicked out!!!! Arrrgghh I guess there's a first time for everything. I won't tell you the whole story but let's just say thanks Dave, you owe us one big time!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday America!!!

Well Indpendence day, fourth of July weekend, it was definitely fun! Drove in to KC on Saturday and attended the Red, White and Boom concert all day long. It was at the Verizon Amphitheatre which was outdoor so we definitely got fried in the hot sun.

Then on Sunday we spent the whole day making "bak chang" which was soooo delicious ;) For you non Malaysians, this is a traditional dish that has sticky rice, meat, mushrooms, egg yolk and a bunch of other stuff wrapped in a bamboo leaves.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Benjamin Skyler Yeoh

Sunday morning, day before Independence day and everyone's exhausted from either too much partying or for H2 and me too much of the Red White and Boom concert. Anyway project for today: Make traditional Malaysian dish "Bak Chang" mmmmmm can't wait till it's done so we can all pig out.

Benji belongs to my buddies in KC, Tze and YS. They had just bought 2 new sweaters for him so we forced him to model for Uncle Nick's photo session. Poor Benji, what can I say, that's what you get for being soo cute ;)

Turtle neck sweater #2, isn't he adorable!!