Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pics from my Cell

Here are some teaser pics I've uploaded from my cell phone :) Enjoy. I'm almost done with a blog entry for my trip to London and Prague. I just have to upload pics from my camera :) Sorry it's taken me forever to publish anything new but I've just been so busy since I got back, not to mention having to deal with the jet lag. The lag is not too bad, nothing like Malaysia but I could still definitely feel it.

View of River Thames (House of Parliament and Big Ben on the left) from inside the London Eye

The Radcliffe Camery (center) in Oxford from the top of the Church of St Mary the Virgin.

Night time view of the city of Prague from across river Vltava

View of Prague from the top (behind me is where the Prague Castle is situated)

OK I hope you enjoyed these few pictures. There will be more to come, just be patient!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Superbowl/James' visit Weekend

So this past weekend was a blast. James drove into town Thursday for his dentist's appointment Friday and we all went out to town. We started off having dinner at Trattoria, then drinks at Teller's and finally brought down the house at Soco. It's been a while since I partied and danced and I definitely felt my thighs burning a little while trying to boogy to the music ;) Friday night we just hung out at the Berg. Saturday, I had to go to work for a little bit and then later joined James and Carrie for a movie, we watched "Because I said so" with Dianne Keaton and Mandy Moore. It was a chick flick but it was entertaining. After the movie, we had dinner at Shakespeare and then went back to Carrie's and watched some DVDs and chilled.

Drinks at tellers after din din at Trattoria L: KK, me & Justin R: Steph, James and me

On Sunday, we had lunch at Moe's and then later went to Steph's for the Superbowl party. It was fun, we all brought food so we pigged out. I had a bet with James and I won!! :) Nothing too great with the commercials, non really caught our attention. Later that night we all played Taboo which was fun and it got heated as usual since we're all so competitive ;)

Clockwise: Me, james and Carrie at Tellers; James and me at Soco-I'm slowly gettin drunk; Justin, me and James w/ scary lookin faces; Japanese style pics with Byron me and James

As of now here are my plans for my Europe trip (I'll be leaving in exactly 1 week from today!):

Feb 14 - Drive to StL after work, dinner w/ Dwane, hang with Dave
Feb 15 - Early morning AA flight 6:10am out of Lambert, connect at Chicago, arrive Heathrow @ 10:35pm
Feb 16 - Maybe attend fashion week with Tet, go out clubbing that night???
Feb 17 - Day b4 CNY, dinner with Family, clubbing later that night???
Feb 18 - Happy CNY!!! Chill with family
Feb 19 - BA Flight out of Gatwick @ 11:40am, arrive Prague @ 2:20pm
Feb 20 - See Prague/hang out with Brisku
Feb 21 - BA flight out of Prague @ 3:15pm, arrive Gatwick @ 4:15pm
Feb 22 to 25 - Tour London; Courtesy from Kenny - St. Paul Cathedral (picturing Princess Di's Wedding here), Westminster Abbey (picturing Elton playing the piano for her funeral), Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus (Time Square of UK), Trafalgar Square, Hampton Court, Greenwich (charming old town, great for Sunday flea market), Old Compton St (the gay ghetto block close to China Town), Heaven (by the Embankment), Tower Bridge (commonly mistaken as London Bridge), Tower of London (if you like to see the Crown Jewels) and finally Harrods.
Of course more clubbing and partying with Tet on Feb 23 & 24th. Try to meet up with Pek San too somewhere in there. Would like to see her parents and brother as well.
Feb 25 - AA flight out of Heathrow at 12:15pm, connect @ Chicago again and arrive Lambert 5:50pm. Vaca over, time to CRY!!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last Minute Trip

OK I have to admit, I'm not usually the type that just makes a spur of the moment decision, pack my bags and leave for vacation. My vacations usually start with months of researching and shopping for bargain prices on flights, hotels, rental cars etc, etc BUT all that went out the window with this coming trip. I knew I wanted to make a trip to Europe sometime in 2007 but the initial plan was to leave sometime in August. I even called the travel agent, looked online but the best price I could get on flights came in at around $1100! So I called my Aunt a few days ago and she suggested I go visit them for Chinese New Year. I thought about it and didn't think it was a bad idea myself especially since I have not been around family during CNY in almost 10 years (pretty much since I've been in the States). I just casually looked online for ticket prices and I was shocked to see they were between $500 to $600. I got super excited, called the travel agent to verify and looked a couple more websites before I decided within a A FEW DAYS to purchase through for $550! They aren't bad tickets, I leave StL at approx 6am Feb 15 and get into Heathrow, London at 10:30pm on the same day connecting in Chicago. Return also pretty good as I leave at around noon and get into StL at around 6pm. I know it's the off peak season but the tickets are half what I would have paid if I went in August!

London and Prague, here I come!!!

So anyway in the last few days, I have tried to contact quite a few people I know in Europe. I contacted a cousin from a side of family I have never met, they are related to my Dad's side. I emailed them so hopefully I'll get to see them as well for CNY. I also contacted my friend Tet and my old college buddy Adrian who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. I am planning a separate 3 day, 2 night trip to Prague as well. I made this decision so quickly mainly because of several reasons. Of course the cheap ticket price was a big one. Another is because my Aunt and my friend Tet will not be working the week I'll be there. My friend Tet will also be covering the London Fashion Week and will be able to take me in to see the event! How awesome! And last but not least the reason why it's off peak is because it's Winter but the coldest London ever gets is like 40 F which is NOTHING compared to Missouri winters :) So I have purchased my tickets and have started the hectic but fun process of planning for my first trip to Europe. I'm so excited. Wish me luck! I can't believe I'll be leaving in 2 WEEKS!!!