Thursday, June 05, 2008

Congrats Kyle + Elaine

Drove in to Kansas City on Thursday before Memorial Weekend as I had to get H2 from the airport early on Friday. Crashed at KK's and then next day after getting H2 went to watch Indiana Jones, it was pretty entertaining. I'd recommend it. After that headed down to Jeff & Kenneth's place which was very comfy. Saturday morning, picked Dave up from Megabus station and then went to Elaine's wedding at this cute little church. Then got to meet the Yeoh's latest addition then rushed back for the reception. It was fun seeing my old friends whom I've not seen in a while. After the reception, Dave and I checked out Missy B's and had a blast. Drove back Sunday, stayed in Columbia for a night and then headed out to St Louis the next day where I continued on to Chicago to look for apartments. I found one in the West Loop, super nice but rent's a little high...

Anyway here're the pictures of Elaine's wedding